Mark "Randy" Randozzo

Manager and Proprietor of Randozzo's Travelling Circus


Mark, or as he prefers his employees call him, “Randy”, is entirely a creature of the circus. He doubles as the circus ringmaster, and has a constant and at times eerily pervasive level of good-cheer and circus tomfoolery. He doesn’t walk, he ambles or promenades. He adds little comedic hops to his gait when he turns a corner as if he is constantly being filmed for a Buster Keaton one-reel.

His trailer is decked in little strings of lamps, old tour posters from the circus, and an array of mannequins displaying various costumes he has collected over the years… a strange statue garden of bizarre, worn, and often mold-besotted glassy-eyed humans.

Few people have ever been in his personal trailer, although he is utterly respected among the troupe: he has a warm heart, but a cold and calculating mind for business and has been keeping the spirits and the finances of the circus up after the deaths of two of the original three fellow founders, and after the new threat of moving picture shows. He has kept up to date on entertainment trends, and shown a silver tongue and occasionally underhanded business tactics to get his circus into the best possible position to grab the attention of the local populace.

Mark "Randy" Randozzo

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