Louis Lepke

Head of Murder Inc.


Lepke, also known as Louis Buchalter: the greatest gangster of the East Coast during the 1930’s. Now brought low by law enforcement, he turned himself in when the FBI’s reward for him became so high that other gangsters began to see him as a liability that needed to be silenced.

He is a bit bug-eyed with full lips and a stout, fat nose. His eyebrows are tiny, only reaching half-way across his brow, and has closely cropped hair. His eyes are an ice-cold blue.

Unbeknownst to the public at large, Lepke managed to escape death… after death. As he smouldered in the electric chair at his execution, he managed to break free after murdering the Jail Autopsy Technician checking his pulse. He made his way across the Sing-Sing grounds, chased by armed guards. Prison rumors were that neither he, nor his pursuing guards, ever emerged from the old decommissioned prison block at the banks of the Hudson. Shortly thereafter, the entire building was demolished… although some prisoners assigned to the deconstruction duty noted an odd amount of new metal and strange padding being removed among the debris.

Louis Lepke

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